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10 Best Audio Editing Software and Mixers In 2016

Here  the 10 best audio editing software available with its feature, these tool is also suitable for unique purposes, so you can choose the best software based on your preference. Everyone like to listen music, it may be a song or solo music. Even most of them prefer to create a ringtone out of their favorite film song.  Some of them   prefer to create a fusion of songs for dance performances. In order to make fusion of songs and ringtones people also prefer effective audio editing software. Audio editing is always done with some special software tools.

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Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro is the most popular and widely used audio editing tool which is highly suitable for Windows as well as Mac. This tool is widely utilized by professional musicians, this software tool highly help to create effects of various music instruments, along with this you can easily remix various sounds with this software.

Reaper Editor

Reaper is the best and powerful audio editing tool, this tool is utilized by the windows & Mac user.  It is the advanced audio editing tool that also supports for many plugins this process also extends its functionality.  Reaper is the cost effective remixing tool which is good for beginners.


Ardour is the best software that helps to edit and mix tracks with ease. The user friendly interface can be beneficial and professional enough. Ardour is the best tool that is also utilized by professionals and beginners. This tool is also available with many advanced options so it is suitable for mixing section.


Wavosaur is one f the free audio editing software, with this tool you can easily manage different kinds of music tracks and this software also offers some impressive features. This software also supports for basic editing and you can easily use this tool based on your requirements and tastes.  This tool also provides great ASIO Support as well as multi-channel audio editing support that help to create fusion of song.


Audacity is one of the open-source audio editing software, this software also available with array of effects, even it have ability to remove superfluous background noise.

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 is the best option for music creation, with this tool you can create high-quality recording based on your needs. This software also supports for editing and mixing so you can complete the process within matter of clicks.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is the best and professional-level song editing software. It is the perfect tool for your musical projects.  This tool offer multi-track editing capabilities, with the help of this tool you can enjoy non-destructive editing features.

Linux Multimedia Studio

It is the free audio editor software, this tool also offer impressive features,  so it is the recommended choice for digital music production and editing. It is the special kind of software for musicians.

Acoustica Basic Edition

Acoustica is the affordable audio editor which is available for editing, recording and mixing. It is the free edition, which highly supports for multi track editing.


It is the freeware audio editor software, this tool also supports for live recorder in Mp3 format. Even this software also support to change the audio file without decompress, with this software you man remix audio files with ease.

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