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10 Best Video Editing Software For Windows In 2016

Nowadays, there are different types of the video editing software are available with free of cost and also for premium ranges. The video editing is one of the professional works which is used for plenty of works such as short film, documentary work and some of the other kind of the purpose. The video editing tools are reducing the work of the person and edit the videos easily. Here the ten Best Video editing software for windows in 2016 is given below which is used to choose the best one for your film and other purpose.

Video Editing Software Editor

Windows Movie Maker:  The Windows Movie Maker video editing tool is the free tool which is comes for the features of video transitions, video effects, adding titles, audio track, credits, Auto Movie and timeline narration. This can modify the user using format to the XML formats. This can create the wonderful editing experience to the users of this video editor.

Virtual Dub: The Virtual Dub is the power and the best video editing tool. The excellent features are used for this editor such as video splitting, compression and some of the audio task. You can edit the large amount of the files in this editor.

Wax: The Wax video editing tool is comfortable for both the professional and the normal home users. This can offer the flexible performance to the users. The features like Jump Cut, Mosaic, and Flash hold, transitional effects, sound effects, picture-in-picture and titles.

Avidemux: the Avidemux is the free video editor tool which is designed for easy filtering, encoding task and cutting. It supports different types of files such as AVI, MPEG files, DVD compatible, ASF and MP4.

FFMpeg: this is the premium video editing tool for the windows, but there are plenty of free software are available for this editor such as stream and convert video and audio, record and many more.

Blender: The blender is the free 3D content making which is comfortable for the GPL. The features are includes animation tools, characters and many more.

AS4 Video Editor: This is also for the free video editor and offers the best performance to the users. You can edit the video, audio and photos in this editor.

Cinefx jahshaka: this tool creates the real time editing feel to the users. This supports the OS X, Windows, Linux and many more.

Light Works: The light works is one of the free editing tools. You can edit up to two hundred and fifty six audio clips, video clips and images. This is one of the best video editing tools for the professional and also for the home users.

Movica: the Movica is also the free video editing tool. This can create more shortcuts that will help to edit the videos within few minutes. There are lots of advantages available if the person can use this tool. This mainly used for the Windows and also supported the WMV, FLV, MPG files and many more.

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