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What is Google Voice Search and OK Google – Future of Search Marketing

Google Voice Search or OK Google or Search by Voice is a product of Google. Google’s Voice search allows users to use Google Search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer or any voice operated device.

What is The Voice Search?

Voice Search is the search feature provided to search by voice commands on a mobile or voice operated device. Voice search is now a days used in many digital products and personal assistants. “Voice Search” is the application for quick voice search on the various resources, launching your apps and choose contacts by voice.

“OK Google” or Search by Voice is android app. You can download it from Google’s play store. Recently Amazon added their voice search product “Alexa” to their iPhone app.

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How Do You Use Ok Google?

You should have latest version of the Google app installed on your mobile phone. or download the latest version from Google’s Play Store
Open the Google app.
At the top left, tap Menu Settings Voice “Ok Google” detection.
Check the box next to “From Google app.”

How to Turn Off/On Google Voice Search?

Open the Google app. on your mobile device
In the top left corner of the screen, touch the Menu icon.
Tap Settings then Voice and then “OK Google” Detection.
You can turn off/on this feature from here.
Choose when you want your phone to use ” OK Google”

Google’s Voice Search Infographics

Videos about Google’s Voice Search

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