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Top 10 Best Android Games of 2016

At present, android games gets great popularity among all age groups of people. There are different android games also available with new titles coming to Google Play.  In general, the android games also suitable for everyone’s taste.  Here top ten android games of 2016 listed below.

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VOEZ is one of the most popular rhythm games, in this game players have chances to play variety of songs and the player must swipe, tap, and swipe as well as hold at the appropriate times. It is important to get combos as well as rack up points.  By playing this game you can get immersive gaming experience and it is one of the enjoyable games.

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is one of the colorful game features with above average graphics. While playing this game user can looking fantastic creating chaotic scenes. It is the simple game that also takes a long time to finish the game.


Skater is the skateboarding game; it is suitable game for skaters. In general the players can get skateboarding experience with their finger motions. In order to make great points in this game you need to determine tricks of course, this game also available with fairly simple controls.

Goat Simulator Waste of Space

Goat Simulator is the popular android game and this game brings actual life of a real goat, with this game players can enjoy real experience. This game also features the largest map; it is one of the interesting games widely played by the android users.

Never Alone: Ki Edition

Never Alone: Ki Edition is the touch-screen enabled version, in this game player can play as a young girl and the player need to solve puzzles with her pet fox.  This game is also consisting of tough levels. This game creates real puzzle atmosphere and it have decent graphics with fun mechanics.

Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede is the popular runner game, this game is widely played by all age group because it is one of the simple game that also features with attractive graphics. Based on the play you can earn rewards from visitors.

Heroes of Loot 2

Heroes of Loot 2 are the fantastic android game played by different age groups of people. This game features charming retro graphics; you can easily play this game without purchasing app.


Mekorama is attractive puzzle game you can play and use various angles as well as movements to solve puzzles.  It is fairly relaxing game and it is completely free to play even you no need to put efforts to play this game.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

It is the best option for the player who needs to get more adventure; of course this game is also features decent graphics and unique controls available. While playing the game you need to solve various puzzles by using both brothers simultaneously.

Lifeline: Whiteout

Lifeline: Whiteout is one of the top android games of 2016 and it is the text-based adventure game that helps to get great experience. This game is also features rich notifications with the help of this you can play game without opening the app.

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