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Top 10 Best Games for Computers (PC)

Generally, PC gamers have always had a vast selection of  titles on new as well as old to choose from, hence trying to figure out which ones to dedicate your valuable time to prove to be a daunting situation. However, never get fear, here you can find out the best 10 PG games which offer you thrilling experience as you start to play the game.  Just verify out the list given below of the top 10 games for Computers PCs and then choose the best one as per your needs.

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List of the top 10 games for PC

Age of Empires II

The HD Edition has vast potential. Behind all, the base game is yet highly enjoyable as well as visually attractive along with you can easily download the content from the mist workshop.


The dark descent is indubitably going to get a place between the most frightening horror games.  In spite, length, this is one uncanny, unsettling as well as simply plain old scary sense, particularly along with the lights out as well as your headphones.

Battlefield 3

This game does not provide much more beyond multiplayer, however, there are  a vast number of methods to participate as well as experiences like as powerful soldier that after hours & hours of playing the game,  you will need to perform is play more and more.

Company of Heroes

Whilst intimidating, the visceral real-time methods rebuilding of the world war II’s the western front showcases simply how far away RTS game is design as well as arrangement quality have arrived.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

The CS: GO adds abundance, tweaks a small as well as maintains the most excellent parts of the typical multiplayer FPS. If you are into the shooter, classic game or team based gameplay the game is updated and you never get bored when playing this game.


This Crysis game that pulls the envelope in terms of gameplay and technology as well as performs so much along with aplomb. It enhances the expectations for each shooter to follow as it comes to environments, graphics, interactivity as well as AI.


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

If you have played Diablo III prior to as well as establish that it was not for you then alters reaper of souls creates the games never far-reaching sufficient to alter your mind. The repair offers those previously liked Diablo III much more of what they are earlier liked regarding it.

Doom II

It is a dark and disturbing game. In addition, as it also not comes with anything fresh to the genre, it can make obsession-stage loyalty if you tend not to seem further than the container of a gun.

Europa Universalis IV

It simply offers you more than 100 hours of gameplay for those who create a flavor for it.  There are some sorts of game remotely such as this out there; creating it should obtain game for individual those who need to fix history.

Far Cry 3

It is an elegant and intelligent open-world structure balances exciting actions along with the happy of free-form adventuring, creating it one of the excellent shooters of the years.

Hence, try out these games and get thrilling and adventure experiences.

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