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Top 10 Best Travel Blogs to Follow

Everyone likes to be independent and looking for the option to do things ourselves. However, for traveling alone around the world fearlessly is quite a bit complicated. In fact there are many brave adventurers have explored the world decided to share their tips, experiences, anecdotes, secrets along with their well earned knowledge in the Travel Blogs. Fortunately, this article tributes the Top 10 Travel Blogs and learn about their remote and exotic destinations.

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  1. Luxury Travel Blog:

The Luxury Travel Blog is the leading blog by Dr. Paul Johnson having much experience in luxury travel. This Blog focuses on luxurious destinations for the viewers to get a complete idea in the updated manner. Dr. Paul Johnson also announced as the ‘Best Travel Influencer’ of Innovation in Travel Awards.

  1. Solo Traveler:

The Solo Traveler has a community that brings people to share their passion in travelling alone and exchange their tips, encouragement and suggestions. Recent updates about the solo travel destinations as well as photos that are contributed by the readers.

  1. Travels of Adam:

Travels of Adam is more than just a blog by Adam Groffman and it is the leading travel website that features unique and personal stories. Travels of Adam include popular Hipster City Guides series from Berlin to Bangkok.

  1. Be My Travel Muse:

Be My Travel Muse is about the adventurous solo female travel blog by Kristin Addis. The Tips on the blog helps the people who like to have the adventurous immersive travel experience authentically and independently. Kristin Addis is the former investment banker who made her choice of travelling around the world.

  1. LandLopers:

LandLopers focuses on the amazing experiential luxury travel by Matt Long and it is also the personal reflection of travelling experience. Matt Long has travelled to 70 countries from all the 7 continents so he shares about his adventures with the readers.

  1. P.S. I’m On My Way:

P.S. I’m On My Way Blog is the unique about learning many things about travelling the world by Trisha Velarmino. In fact, Trisha Velarmino likes the culture and languages of the world so she focuses on the immersion adventures. Tips about different culture food, cooking and speak is explained don the blog.

  1. travelFREAK:

The travelFREAK Blog, is the acclaimed adventure travel blog that focuses on sharing the impactful stories along with the beautiful photography by Jeremy Scott Foster. Jeremy is a digital influencer, freelance journalist and blogger featured in Travel + Leisure and National Geographic.

  1. The Blonde Abroad:

The Blonde Abroad is in fact the award winning female travel and lifestyle blog that brings you the ultimate resource about everything of female travel. Kiersten Rich traveled more than 50 countries shares many things about festivals, travel tips, fashion along with the photography around the world.

  1. Travelling Buzz:

Traveling Buzz is the travel blog about the adventure by Maria Stoyanova in Europe. Maria Stoyanova from Sofia, Bulgaria loves discovering new places, hiking, mountains and takes beautiful picture.

  1. Travel with Bender:

Travel with Bender by Erin Bender on his across 65 countries since 2012 with her husband as well as 2 young children. The family likes to explore the world and shares those exciting stories as well as travelling tips.

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