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Top 10 SEO Mistakes That Put Organic Traffic In Trouble

SEO is one of the topmost platforms to build your status and make known who you are to the world. Not, only the expert individual start SEO profession, but in the modern generation many beginners also putting their effort to earn lot with full desire. Mainly, the SEO is the right platform for all who entered, but some beginners do certain mistakes that affect the site ranking. Here, SEO top 10 mistakes that you have to consider and correct it to make your site at the peak level with huge traffic.

seo mistakes

Top 10 SEO mistakes

  • Google keyword tool: It is more essential and helpful one to get quick search word in the google search engine. The keyword selection is more important to increase the site rank and make you to change your site visiting counts high and they don’t consider important or not. It isn’t easily achieved without your consideration and effort.
  • Unique description and title tags: It is one of the most considerable factors to solve the major issue in the SEO field. While you keep unique description and other title tags can pull the readers mind to stay long and it make the site traffic.
  • Social media link: The social media link is the best idea and useful one to increase the number of readers and traffic to your website. Whatever, the website you maintain just link with the social media sites to see the high ranking while compared to earlier statistics. Some popular social media sites like Facebook, pinterest, Google+, twitter, etc.
  • Advance blog posts: Blog posting task is the main expectation for all SEO enterprise because it will increase the regular and new one to read all what you post on your website. You have to bear in mind that you post blogs easy to read, informative, and updated content.
  • Google or bing webmaster registration: You have to ensure that you already registered on your business website with Google. Mainly, the beginner individual should do that for the dream goal on the SEO platform. The SEO field waiting for your website rank with increase of readers and top rank in search engine list.
  • Continuous publishing plan: You have to schedule posting plan while you on the right time. Maintain the consistency on publishing new content and what the readers look for.
  • Follow the SEO trend: If you not have Google verified author about SEO latest trends and hope on the goal as well as authority on the website. Update your website profile with the Google link and link with the content what you create and check out everything correct.
  • Internal linking: You assist search engines determine additional pages from your business website. You assist consumers discover further about subject that they were interested in.
  • Slow loading website: The first thing, you have to avoid keeping slow loading web site because it irritates the users to visit the page.
  • Incoming links building too fast: Link building processes achieved by many and do many to bring huge traffic on your website.

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